What is a Single-Package Coating? – Definition from Kunskaper.se

What Does Single-Package Coating Mean?

A single-package coating is a coating material in which cross-linking coatings are stored in a single container as opposed to a multi-package coating.

Most single-package coatings are inorganic zinc-based coatings that are created with either epoxy resin binders or inorganic silicate.

Kunskaper.se Explains Single-Package Coating

Almost all inorganic zinc coatings are single-package coatings. An inorganic zinc coating has the distinct ability to give corrosion protection to surfaces such as steels.
As the name implies, this type of coating contains large amounts of zinc metallic
dust mixed with a binder. Inorganic zinc-rich paint consists of high-build
polysiloxae or a hybrid topcoat and primer made from inorganic zinc.

The use of this type of
coating and formulations to achieve steel protection is well known. Almost all of the zinc-based
coatings are created with either epoxy resin binders or inorganic silicate. These
coatings are used as a top coat for offshore drilling platforms, ships and buried pipelines. Chlorinated rubber, which can be used in single package zinc
coatings, offers a number of inherent advantages such as moisture resistance,
flexibility and ease of application.

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